Happy Planet Index


Before we get into all the fun stuff about where things come from, let's find out what inspired Nic and Kristina to start this expedition in the first place! Why should we care where stuff comes from, anyway? It's fine as long as we have it, right? One of the first things Nic and Kristina came across was the New Economics Foundation (http://www.neweconomics.org/) which is an organization focused on the well-being of both people and the environment. Nic and Kristina were pretty happy and environmentally conscious, but were surprised when they took the test and noticed they didn't score as well as they thought they would! That got them thinking about the kind of impact they were having on the environment, and what they could do to start having a more positive impact. What kind of impact are you having on the environment? Take the Happy Planet Self-Quiz to see how your rating compares with people around the world. Teachers: the Teacher Resource below includes discussion questions and related lesson.


1) Take the Happy Planet Index survey (http://survey.happyplanetindex.org). 2) Head over to the Discussion Thread to find out how other RIDERS scored. Tell us what you scored too!

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