Guerilla Art Adventure


Make art and share your knowledge in a covert mission!


1. Do you have any worn out shoes at home waiting to be thrown out? Bring them in and use them for this project! 2. Choose a shoe, decorate it (any way you would like!) and use them as planters for bright native flowers and place them around town. This is best done early in the morning or late at night, if possible, for the element of surprise! (If you can, grow some flower seedlings as a class at the beginning of this unit to use in this project.) 3. With each art shoe, include a note. Ask people who discover the shoes to think about what their shoes mean to them, where they think the shoes come from, where the shoes go when they're no longer being used. 4. You can also create a website or blog (, and fill it with content they've written. Share the website address on the note that you leave with your art shoe, so that people who see the shoes can visit the site and learn about what you've learned about the the story of shoes. 5. Everyone should see you amazing work! Take pictures of your shoes and share them in the virtual classroom Art Gallery!

  • Select Guerilla Art Adventure album.
  • Select Post Image.
  • Title photos as follows: COUNTRY/ SCHOOL (an abbreviation is fine)
  • Write a bit about how you felt about the project and its success, if you'd like!
  • 6. Explore other Art Gallery submissions for this project. What do you think of other students' guerilla art?

    Learning Objectives

    1. Translate the cumulative knowledge and enthusiasm of the unit into a covert mission. 2. Produce art from “garbage,” and recognize the (lack of) difference between the two. 3. Explain cumulative knowledge to the general public.

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