What Are The Environmental Impacts of Shoes?


How is the environment effected when shoes are made, and when they are thrown away?


1.Watch the OAT shoes video with your class or on your own. You can find it in Unit 01 under Resources 2. After you watch the video, get together with a group of your classmates and answer the following questions.

  • How can a shoe link whoever is wearing it to nature?
  • What are OAT's ideas? What do you think about those ideas?
  • Why is it important for the things we use to be reused, or be able to biodegrade?
  • 3. Next, explore the websites of sustainable shoe companies and articles about sustainable shoes. You can find some resources under Unit 01. When you're done your research, go back to your group and list 10 things you learned about the environmental impacts of making shoes. 4. Now, take a look at different shoe recycling initiatives, You can find it in Unit 01 under Resources. With your class, talk about:
  • What are the best parts of each of these ideas? What are the worst?

  • Learning Objectives

    1. Investigate the environmental impacts of making shoes. 2. Assess how a shoe should be made in consideration of sustainability. 3. Observe the effects of time and decomposition on a shoe.

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