Guerrilla Art Contest - Calling all secret agents! (Or you, for that matter!)

Oct 31, 2012 at 10:03 AM by Sunniva Vann

Ride to Learn is launching its very first Guerrilla Art contest!

It's simple – 1) Find a worn out shoe that no one is using anymore. 2) Decorate it however you want! 3) Fill it with soil and a plant – flowered and native is best! (If it's winter where you are - how about a little spruce tree?) (Worried about a plant not living in the cold? Be creative! Fill the shoe with something else.) 4) Place your shoe (secretly if you can) in a public place. 5) Leave a note with your shoe asking passersby where they think their shoes come from, and where they think their shoes go when they throw them away. 6) Now you're a secret agent of catalytic change - Welcome to the club!

The competition is based on the Guerrilla Art Adventure activity from Unit 1: Shoes & Sustainability. Check out the project description under Assignments, here.

Next, upload a photo of your shoe to the virtual classroom's Art Gallery under the appropriate category in Guerrilla Art Project. (You can enter in more than one – just post your photo to each category). Include a description with your first name, age, where you're from and a bit about the guerrilla art shoe you made.

The first 20 submissions will be viewed and judged by a panel of artists with three categories in which to win cool stuff – most creative shoe decorations, most creative placement of the shoe, and best/craziest/coolest plant used. There will also be one top winner for best guerrilla art shoe project overall!

Ready? Get going, get creative and get courageous!

(If you want to be inspired and learn more about guerrilla art – start here!) (A blog post written by me, Sunni, about what guerrilla art is, and why I'm crazy about it.)

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