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World By Cycle > Ride To Learn



  • KristinaStoney Welcome!

    September 1st, 2012 by Kristina Stoney

    Welcome to Ride To Learnan online space where you can follow the cycling expedition - World x Cycle - with students around the world, meet the explorers, and use our activities base to support your learning about the people and places we visit along the way.

    First register (takes 5 minutes) at: 


    Passcode: WBC/RideToLearn(include capitals and !)


    Introduce yourself via our discussion board, meet other youth who are changing the world and collaborate on projects with them!

    Kristina and Nic with World x Cycle are, like you, on a learning adventure! They're curious about the stories behind everyday things. They're going to be visiting communities of farmers, manufacturers, and designers to find out more about where and how our T-shirts, shoes, and bikes are made.

    But they need your help--both with asking questions and finding solutions.

    Ready? Let's go!



  • The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

    After watching "The Story of Stuff" use the downloadable teaching resource to catalyze reflection and further student understanding.


  • Happy Planet Index

    Before we get into all the fun stuff about where things come from, let's find out what inspired Nic and Kristina to start this expedition in the first place!

    Why should we care where stuff comes from,...


  • The World Becomes What We Teach

    After watching Zoe Weil's talk, "The World Becomes What We Teach" use the downloadable teaching resource to catalyze reflection and student discussion.